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La multi ani!

La multi ani!


Bine v-am regasit in 2017! Nu am vorbit deloc anul acesta, asa ca mi se facuse cam dor.

EN: Welcome to 2017! I haven’t talked to you this year yet, so I kinda missed it.

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La multi ani! Sper ca ati intrat cu dreptul in noul an, adica cu optimism, cu planuri indraznete si visuri marete…pam-pam! Eu pot sa spun ca am inceput anul in forta, adica cu multe activitati, spectacole si repetitii programate, citit, vazut filme, multe ore de calitate petrecute cu Vlad… e abia 4 ianuarie, dar pot sa zic ca astea 4 zile au fost pline de momente placute. Iar pe blog, iata ca am intrat in 2017 cu blugii rupti… de mine. Adica eu i-am taiat. Iar treaba pe cat de simpla pare la prima vedere, pe atat de complicata (si amuzanta) e in practica.

Vorbim de perechea de blugi vintage din imagine. Vintage-ul ala adevarat, care vine perfect pe fund, dar care are o lungime incerta, cat sa fie dificil de purtat. Asa ca am zis sa ii tai! Mi s-a parut ca nu avea sens sa masor cu un centimentru sau cu o linie, ci ca pot taia direct, doar asezand un crac peste altul. Asa a inceput joaca. Am taiat putin din dreptul. Am probat si am realizat ca e prea putin. Asa ca am mai taiat un pic. Am suprapus cracii pantalonilor, mi-am luat un semn si am taiat stangul. Si tot asa. O diferenta inca exista, se vede si in poze. Dar dupa spalat o sa vad cum evolueaza treaba si daca mai e cazul sa intervin sau nu. Dar imi plac mai mult si ii port mai des de cand am pus foarfeca pe ei.

Revenind la activitatile mele mai putin casnice, precum taiatul, cusutul sau spalatul hainelor, ma laud ca mi-am facut primele programari la cursuri de chitara si la cursuri de canto. Yeeey! Chiar azi am sunat. Iar legat de spectacolele la teatru, am asa:

  • 12 ianuarie – “#teenspirit” regia Peter Kerek, la Teatrul Excelsior, ora 19:00
  • 12 ianuarie (yup, in aceeasi zi) – “30 +” directia de scena Alex Bogdan, la Godot Cafe Teatru, ora 21:30
  • 13 ianuarie – “Jurnalul lui Adam si al Evei” regia Eugen Gyemant, ora 19:00
  • 15 ianuarie – “Dibuk” regia Chris Simion, la Teatrul Evreiesc de Stat, ora 19:00

Veniti sa ma vedeti? Daca da, poate ne si vedem dupa spectacol/e, ca sa schimbam impresii.

Hai sa fie un an bun pentru toata lumea! Haaaai!

In poze port: palton Max&Co, pulover Lure, blugi vintage Levi’s (luati din Barcelona), geanta Diane von Furstenberg, brosa vintage (luata de la Cloud no 9), tenisi Converse. Iar tinuta in miscare:


EN: Happy New Year! I hope you started off the new year with your right foot, so with optimism, bold plans and great dreams…pam-pam! I have started in full speed, with many activities, scheduled shows and rehearsals, reading, watching movies, much quality time spent with Vlad…it’s only the 4th of January, but I can say that these 4 days were filled with pleasant moment. And on the blog, here I am in 2017 with ripped jeans…by me. I cut them. And it’s not as simple as it looks.

We are talking about the vintage pair of jeans in the pictures. The real vintage, which flatters your bottom, but has an uncertain length, so they are difficult to be worn. So I thought I should cut them! I thought it didn’t make any sense to measure them, but that I could cut straight, just by putting one leg over the other. That’s how the fun started. I cut a little bit from the right leg. I tried them on and realized it was too little. So I cut some more. I put the legs of the pants over each other, made a sign and cut from the left. And so on. There is still a difference, it’s visible in the pictures. But after I was them, I’m going to see how it evolves and if I should step in again. But I like them more and I wear them more often ever since I put my scissors on them.  

Back to my not so housewifely activities, like cutting, sewing or doing laundry, I can brag that I made my first appointments for guitar lessons and canto classes. Yeeey! I actually called today. And about the theatre shows, here it goes:

  • 12th January – “#teenspirit” directed by Peter Kerek, at Teatrul Excelsior, 19:00 hours
  • 12th January(yup, same day) – “30 +” directed by Alex Bogdan, at Godot Cafe Teatru, 21:30 hours
  • 13th January – “Jurnalul lui Adam si al Evei” directed by Eugen Gyemant, 19:00 hours
  • 15th January – “Dibuk”directed by Chris Simion, at Teatrul Evreiesc de Stat, 19:00 hours

Are you coming to see me? If yeas, maybe we can see each other after the show/s, to exchange impressions.

Let’s make this a good year for everyone! Let’s goooo!

In the pictures I am wearing: Max&Co coat, Lure sweater, vintage Levi’s jeans (bought from Barcelona), Diane von Furstenberg bag, vintage broche (bought from Cloud no 9), Converse sneakers. And above the outfit on the move.


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  • Ioana/ 04.01.2017Reply

    Hei! Unde iei lectii de canto? Un an nou lunimos si curajos!

  • Alexandra/ 04.01.2017Reply

    La multi ani!!! multe bucurii în noul an şi la cât mai multe realizări! Esti superbă! Pupici :-*

  • Sorina/ 04.01.2017Reply

    Multa putere si la cat mai multe spectacole ;)!

  • Stefania/ 04.01.2017Reply


  • Roxy/ 05.01.2017Reply

    Arata foarte bine cum sunt tăiați.

    • Dana/ 05.01.2017Reply

      Deci zici ca nu se prinde nimeni? :))))

  • Aida/ 05.01.2017Reply

    La multi ani!
    Iti vin foarte bine oricum,si imi place acea gentuta😄

    • Dana/ 05.01.2017Reply

      Daaa…gentuta e o bijuterie in sine.

  • Deea/ 05.01.2017Reply

    La multi ani! Imi place mult gentuta <3

  • larisa/ 05.01.2017Reply

    imi place mult croiul puloverului si paltonul!

  • Ewa Macherowska/ 05.01.2017Reply

    Love your coat!

  • Capcana soareci/ 08.01.2017Reply

    LA multi ani si un nou an plin de bucurii, proiecte noi si reusite! (cred ca ai prins ultima zi in care se mai puteau purta tenisi)

    • Dana/ 08.01.2017Reply


  • Catalina/ 12.01.2017Reply

    Îmi place puloverul Lure! Croi minimalist, potrivit foarte bine cu outfitul tău. Gânduri bune pentru 2017!

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