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September 2018

33 ani

Azi implinesc 33 de ani. Imi imaginez cum ar fi o carte a carei eroina traieste fix viata mea de pana acum. Ar fi un roman cu o intriga puternica, data de copilaria mea atipica. Ar fi pasaje pe care le-as putea cataloga desprinse dintr-un univers fantastic. Altele, mai degraba absurde. Dar unde duce povestea asta? Unde duce?! Pai hai ca de acum inainte sa umplu paginile numai cu momente epice. Punctul culminant il simt aproape. Promit sa am curaj sa traiesc viata asta din plin.


EN: Today I turn 33. I imagine what a book about my life would sound like. It would be a novel with a powerful twist, given by my atypical childhood. There would be passages in it which might sound like they’re taken out of a fictional universe. Others would be more likely absurd. But where does this story lead to? Where is it taking me?! Well, from now I want to fill its pages only with epic moments. I feel like the peak point is near. I promise to have the courage to live this life to its fullest.  

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