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December 2018

Jurnal de calatorie in Ungaria

S-a intamplat ca dupa o premiera de teatru si inainte sa incep un nou proiect sa am cateva zile libere. L-am intrebat pe Radu daca isi poate face si el timp sa iesim din Bucuresti, si cum raspunsul a fost afirmativ, ca niste parinti inconstienti ce suntem, am scutit copilul pentru 5 zile de la gradinita si am pornit-o brambura prin Ungaria.


EN: It just so happened that, after a theatre premiere and before starting a new project, I had a few days off. I asked Radu if he could find the time for us to leave Bucharest and since I got a positive answer, like the crazy parents we are, we excused the child from kindergarten for 5 days and we left for Hungary.

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