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Girl on the Moon Project (ep. 3) – 5 Tips

Mai intai ati putut urmari portretul video al Laurei Gardu, de profesie pilot. Daca aveti frica de avion si nu ati urmarit inca interviul, va sfatuiesc sa o faceti. Inteligenta, calmul, modestia, felul ei de a povesti, va vor da curaj. Desi nu am apucat sa ne cunoastem decat prin intermediul acest proiect, dar si o data in calitate de pasager – pilot (cand i-am facut si invitatia, de altfel, sa fie eroina ep 3), am ramas cu convingerea ca Laura Gardu este un om deosebit. Cititi mai jos cele 5 sfaturi ale ei si o sa imi dati dreptate. Dar mai intai de toate, a sosit momentul sa vedeti exercitiul de stil pe care l-am facut impreuna.


EN: First you could watch the video portrait of Laura Gardu, pilot. If you have a fear of flight and didn’t get a chance to see the interview yet, I advise you to do it. Her intelligence, charm, modesty, storytelling abilities will give you courage. Although we didn’t get to know each other before this project, but also once as passenger (when I also invited her to be the hero of episode 3), I was convinced that Laura Gardu is a special person. Please read below her 5 advice and you’ll be convinced yourselves. But first of all, it’s time to see the style exercise which we put together. 

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